perjantai 7. maaliskuuta 2014

Day 68- 68. päivä: Happy Women's Day!

A 420 meters high tower is high. That being said, it was not a total waste of money to pay 99 MYR per person to get to the open deck of Menara tower. The view from about 300 meters was unbelievable, especially with no walls or window glasses to block it, only a see-through fence and open air. The tickets also gave us access to the lower level observation deck, which has several binoculars for the visitors to use (and windows, so there's really no fear of falling...). Yes, first thing we did was look at our apartment. A 20 storeys building seems pretty small when you're at 276 meters.

Plus, I got to confuse some girls at the souvenir shop. I have noticed that the locals seem to speak Mandarin Chinese a lot here; even so much as to speak it to each other instead of Malay. The two shop assistants in the shop were not an exception, so I decided to give it a try, and started chatting with them. In Mandarin... The girls seemed a bit surprised first, but in a few seconds I found myself having a conversation in a language I have studied years ago, and have not spoken in nearly two years, except with a hotel clerk at Sheraton. Naturally, it didn't go quite fluently, but it was a start. And knowing that we'll be in China next month, it's really, really good to know I can still communicate in Chinese. I have been hitting my head against the wall for forgetting my electronic English-Chinese dictionary at home, but even that seems not to be a problem; they sell them around the city here. And with all the Chinese signs everywhere Malaysia has turned out to be like a huge Mandarin school for me. 

Today, however, is not for studying but deciding where to go next. We have no plans other than leave Kuala Lumpur next Wednesday. Any ideas?

Oh, and happy Women's Day! 

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