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Day 169 - 169. päivä: Just photos: Almost home

Due to a tragic loss of a password, it has been a while since the last post. However, since laziness played a part, too, there will once again be less text and more photos in this one. After New York, we headed to Reykjavik, Iceland; London, England and finally Berlin, Germany. These photos cover the last two and a half weeks: Geysers in Iceland, sightseeing in London and historic sites in Berlin.

Iceland gave us a much needed break from hectic city life. We rented and apartment from Airbnb, and booked a day tour to go see geysers, glacier, a geothermal power plant and amazing nature.

Near Reykjavik City Center. 

Cold, dark and beautiful.

Pretty much how Iceland looks, in one photo.

The beauty of nature as seen in Iceland.

Queen of the Hill.

We only had one day to spent in London, so much of the famous spots had to be left out of our self guided walking tour in the city. The subway system in London is great, and getting the Oyster card is totally recommended.

Street art in London.

How London looks like to a tourist.

Tower of London.

Almost home. Our final stop before Sweden and short trip back home is Berlin. Here we have been resting, enjoying the awesome weather, met more Finnish friends, (including my parents celebrating their 40th anniversary), and drank some über cheap beer. Some days have been spent visiting the historical sites and learning more about the tragic history of Germany and Europe, and the victims of Nazi governance. In short, this city rocks, and there is so much to do and see, that 11 days is not near enough to experience everything.

Memorial of the Murdered Jews of Europe.

Every city needs one of these.

German traffic signs are awesome!

Next, and final stop: Stockholm, Sweden. It is totally unbelievable we're almost home...

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