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2 weeks later - 2 viikkoa myöhemmin: Home (and still counting).

 We are back home. This is our second last post. We've had an adventure worth a million lifetimes, and yes, yes, yes, would do it again. Would we change anything? It is still probably too early to say, as it has only been a bit over two weeks since we got back. Did we learn anything? Yes, we learned how little one truly needs to be happy, and how much there is to see in the world. We learned one can speak a language just fine after studying it years ago for one semester in the community college or not having spoken it for years. We learned that every country has good people and some bad. We learned to trust each other, support each other and make compromises.

Are we happy to be back home? Uh, well, after two weeks of arranging bank stuff, work stuff, apartment stuff, social life stuff, we have had very little time to actually realize we're back. However, it's amazing how soon you forget how it felt to be free to come and go as you will, or how it feels to always have socks or passport or camera missing just because you've packed and unpacked your stuff a thousand times in the past week.

Almost home at Stockholm.

So, all in all, it wasn't exactly 180 days we spent on the road, but 173. Here are some vital numbers which may tell you something about our trip:

Stockholm is practically a Swedish speaking Helsinki.

We started planning and saving for it 2,5 years ago.

We took 26 flights and a train twice.

We stayed in 43 hotels, hostels, apartments, rooms and cabins.
Tallink-Silja cruise terminal, the night before arriving Finland.

We got a food poisoning once.

We spent 25 000 euros for the trip, including vaccinations, insurance and other expenses.

We visited 11-15 countries, depending on how you count.

We met a million Finns. At least!

We visited a doctor twice, and went to ER once.

We were robbed once (got everything back, too, except for the cash).

We have 1 comprehensive budget table with details how much each part of our trip cost (e.g. food, accommodation and transportation).

Our welcome back home was warm :)

We took nearly 2000 photos and 1,5 hours of video.

We wrote 20 blog posts... and the blog was viewed 3035 times.

Back home.
We have 0 regrets.

We have visited each others' parents since we got home, and will soon continue at work, buy gym cards, start living normal lives. And start with a couple of new projects ;)

P.S: As promised, sometime in the near future we will post a summary of what we think are the best tips we could give to other travelers. Feel free to ask us anything, if you're planning a similar trip!

P.P.S: Some reversed cultural shock and feelings of emptiness have been present since we got home. It is surprising how quickly you start needing things you never missed on the road. We miss the freedom and adventures, sun and mysterious new places. However,  knowing your shampoo and duct-tape are always in the same place, being able to drink tab water and having fixed prices (taxes included!) in every store is something we know cannot be taken for granted, but should be enjoyed and appreciated. Also, having your family and friends close is worth suffering through cold summers and freezing winters.

Little things in life, such as a new coffee machine, are what make a home.

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