perjantai 31. tammikuuta 2014

Day 33 - 33. päivä: Someone has to be the first customer

After a sweaty and exhausting one-and-half days’ trip from Arambol Beach to Krabi, Thailand (it included a lot of carrying our pack bags in +35 degrees, eating airplane food, not showering or sleeping, and naturally trying to explain yet another airport personnel we do not need a visa before arrival because we are Finns), we were not too happy to learn that our hotel booking had not gone through. The City House Hotel had already given all the rooms we had booked and paid online away for the night; the Chinese New Year has lead to every single hotel being full in the town this weekend.
However, the owner of the hotel informed us that he will find us another room for the night. We sat down, started chatting with people in the lobby, and after half an hour, the man came back and said he would take us to another hotel for the night.

Us: “What is it called?”
The man: “Oh, it’s not on the internet yet.”
Us: “Yeah, but what is the name of the place you’re taking us?”
The man: “Oh, it is so new it does not have a name yet.”
Us: “???”

So, we got on his car, and he drove us through the town to this kind of empty looking area with no street lights or buildings. However, right after I started suspecting that this would be our end, we arrived to this half dark but VERY nice looking hotel, which indeed had no name on the door. A young lady came downstairs to meet us, and took us upstairs through corridors which smelled of new wood and fresh paint, everything bright new, no stains on the walls, no holes in the carpet. Our room turned out to be a luxurious double room, with sheets, towels and furniture no one has ever used before. The Wi-Fi works like a miracle, and there are no other guests in the whole building! On top of everything, the manager of the City House Hotel said he’d pick us up tomorrow morning so we would not have to walk back to the town.

So, although Expedia failed us (for the first time, it is usually a very reliable online booking service), and failed the hotel, too (the manager said they always send him a fax, but this time it had not arrived, only our names showed up in the system after we had arrived), we got to experience yet again some super great service and absolutely honest people willing to do their best for good customer service. By the way, such people have not been a rarity ever since we left Finland over a month ago. It seems that for every asshole, there is ten really awesome people out there J

If only this place had a name so we could recommend it...

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